DB Sutton & Company

In 2018, d b sutton & co transformed the darker, cooler part of the shop into a wine shop. As a former wine representative, David enjoyed immensely sharing good wines with friends. His tenure at that job allowed him to grow his palate and immerse himself into wine culture. David enjoyed his focus on European (Old World) wines. Their centuries old practices and viticulture gave him an excellent reason to visit Europe to learn the trade first hand. It didn't hurt that the food culture there is also another of his passions. 


While our collection features wines mostly from France and Italy, we also have many delicious wines from other parts of Europe as well as North and South America and beyond. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the perfect wine to satisfy your taste. We can also recommend great wines at price points that fit your budget for those wishing to explore and expand their taste in wine.

Wine is a sharing experience and we look forward to finding something wonderful to make your evening more lovely.